Saturday, 30 March 2013

Slasher Experience

A lot of people sit comfortable in their chairs watching slasher films screaming at the TV, from the "Why you going up the stairs run out the front door!" to the "Don't split up your idiots!" we all are the giver of advice safe in the knowledge that you aren't in their shoes. But what if you were? How would you really cope? I'm sure that most people would actually simply sit in a ball crying waiting the inevitable but why not try it out?

After recent success of Zombie experience adventures and Sci Fi immersive interactive tours there is now an offering for slasher fanatics. A place where you can pit your wits against a slasher. The popularity of immersive adventures is seen as the next step up from Gaming. Movies provide entertainment, games test your skills but real life adventures give you the heart pounding terror that you really want.

The Great Horror Campout promises to be an excellent event, but have you ever wondered who sets it all up? I mean if you were a slasher surely the best way to get your victims all in one place is to have a bunch of people playing along thinking your just some fun game master. So if you are brave enough to go can you really be sure you will survive?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Are Kids Scary?

Children are delightfully funny and enjoyable to have, they can provide you with joy like no other. But it seems that they are now a valid form of horror. With the success of Child's Play in the late 80's and the Exorcist in the 70's you could be forgiven for thinking that using kids and kids toys as horror topics is old hat. But this latest batch of Horror films seek to tap into your most deep fears. Not only that your child may turn out to be pure evil but also that you can't just run away like the traditional slasher movie. Your internal instincts are to protect and love your children, but when they terrorise you then the last resort is to survive at the expense of your lovable little rogue.

Mama promises to be a scare fest that will be slick and well directed. The subject is two young girls found abandoned in the forest. Their Uncle and Aunt are left with the daunting task of providing them with a home, quickly realising that all is not well with these young ladies.

So next time halloween rolls around instead of getting your children to dress up as cartoon characters or fairies why not get them a scary mask and see the reaction of your neighbours.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Test your Zombie Survival Skills

Zombie preparedness is a growing industry, people love to discuss ways they can survive should the zombie apocalypse happen. But what better way to prepare than to practice the excercise.

Remember when you were a kid and you played the game 'tig'? Where you ran around being chased and your game ended when the chaser touched you? Well imagine playing this around a city with the chasers fully made up zombies?

This is not a game for the faint hearted but a real life excercise in surviving the zombie apocalypse. The zombies in this case are the more modern fast and furious types not the slow sluggish brain hungry zombies of George A Romero.

So why not really put yourself to the test?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Zombies Just Went Big Budget

Its not often that we see a Horror genre cross over into the main stream, Vampires was the last big cross over thanks to the success of twighlight and the softening of their image. But World War Z promises to be an action pack, CGI orgy of zombies on a huge budget. Brad Pitt plays the main character and looking at the official trailer it would appear the Zombies on this film are faster, and more dangerous than the traditional George A Romero Zombies.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Zombies Here to Stay

Zombies are likely to again rule over the fancy dress circuit, comic cons and Halloween costumes across the world. The increasing popularity of Zombies has been laid at the door of TV shows like The Walking Dead and this years big Brad Pitt Blockbuster World War Z.

Getting the costume that not only looks great but also feels good to wear for a whole night is the key. The beauty of the zombie is that the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse is that it will be swift. Infecting people across all walks of life meaning that zombies will come in all forms, from uniforms to bed wear, from sports kits to fetish wear this opens up many different opportunities for you to get your costume just right.

The mask should be the only cost of this outfit perhaps with some make up and fake blood for your clothing. 

A half face mask is comfortable, easy to remove and leaves your hair in tact. It can also be blended well to give a good look with the seem covered by your hair.

A full mask gives a front and back view of your costume, ensuring those behind you don't mistake your zombie outfit.

So once you have the mask and the make up simply find an old uniform, outift that you don't mind cutting up and staining and then you can go to town with getting the overall effect.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th caught the imagination of many Americans due to its setting, summer camps and kids camps are hugely popular in the States providing much needed time away from the Parents during the summer holidays. Jason Voorhees had attended Camp Crystal Lake but drowned as he swam unsupervised as the young camp staff members fondled each other in the shed. This struck a chord with many people in America, both from the point of view of the camp goer to the frightened parent. 

In the original Friday the 13th the murderer is an angry mother who slaughters the camp staff, but from that point on we discovered Jason did not in fact drown but has become a tortured soul of pure evil. Heavily influenced by the success of Halloween this franchise has brought not only a new location for horror stories in the camps across America but also given us a new date in the fright calendar with many people celebrating each Friday the 13th with a night of horror movies and fancy dress parties.

Camp Crystal Lake Machete £7.99

So remember if your venturing to camp this summer, be sure to stay vigilante, you never know what evil lurks behind each tree!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Biohazard Mask - Why so popular?

The popularity of the bio hazard mask has risen since 2001 and with the last Batman film featuring a masked Bane this look has become very popular amongst Horror fans. Whether its due to the rise in threat of a chemical attack or air borne disease the look strikes fear into many. Comfortable to wear this face mask is perfect for anyone who doesn't like the traditional over the head masks.

Also popular amongst Zombie fanatics this is a great look for an apocalypse party with some form of airborne virus the most likely source of a zombie infestation.

Biohazard Mask £7.99

Facial Mesh Mask £7.99
So Next time your looking for a great Halloween outfit or going to a fancy dress party why not try this simple look?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Three Types of Boogey Men

There are a world of horror movies out there but it takes a certain style to become a cult classic. By far the three biggest franchises in Slasher Horror world are Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Hellraiser. Each demonstrating a completely different take on the main bad guy.

This character is seen as a villain that should be feared and hated. With a past history of child abuse and severely disfigured face he is everything you should fear about a creepy neighbourhood boogey man. But through the series they have added more and more humour to his antics, he often jokes and torments his victims indulging in a lot of dialogue before any eventual kill is made. This funnier side is provided as light relief to the viewer and stops them from being too imersed in the scare or horror of the film. The other aspect is that he is no longer a physical form and manifests himself through the subconscious of his victims, firstly entering their minds through their dreams. This means that he needs to indulge a dialogue and build fear before he has enough energy to physically harm his victims.

A lot of people say that children are not born evil but are raised that way, Michael Myers is pure evil. As a child he takes his first victim and then remains mute as he murders eat of his victims. The lack of reasoning and emotion in Michael Myers in spite of attempts by Dr Loomis. The silent and slow nature of Michael sometimes makes him come across as dumb, and looking at his back story he would clearly not have been well educated. His only consideration is murder and the evil that controls him gives him powers beyond the normal human.

Referred to as Pinhead, due to his appearance, but in fact never referred to with this name in the movies till the third in the series. He is an articulate and thoughtful master of darkness and pain. A complete switch from tradition, Pinhead is a serious and calculating leader of the cenobites who orchestrates the suffering and pain of those who cross his path or indeed open the Box. The beauty of Pinhead is that he has a normal back story and could be like anyone had they been subjected to torture over such a sustained period of time. His intelligence is his power and he adds suspense with his calculated dialogue.

From these main franchises you will have seen many horror films try to emulate the fear that they evoke in viewers but with little success. The originality of a Horror film is key and whilst many have attempted real life bad guys they lack the longevity of the supernatural. So whether you like comedy, silence or intelligence these three franchises show you how to do it.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Identifying with Strangers

How do you identify with a stranger and make sure they have similar interests as you? A good place to start is their Tshirt. A Tshirt is like a badge saying "hey look what I'm into" and there has been a massive surge in those wearing Zombie tshirts. Good to know if your ever wondering around post apocalypse wondering who might be clued up and useful.

Nobody can have too many T shirts and its a great gift to give to anyone who is interested in Horror.

Friday, 1 March 2013

4 Great ideas for couples Cosplay

Cosplay popularity is growing in the UK with attendance at comic conventions on the increase. Further spawned by the internet and the success of comic con in the US which sold out 2013 tickets within 90 minutes of going on sale. Once you have the part organised or the tickets booked for comic con your attention the turns to the outfit your going to wear. Your first port of call may be your favourite hero but then going as a mismatched Marvel and DC couple would look weird so why not try and get something coordinated. Here are some ideas:

1. Michael Myers and Victim

As horror costumes go Michael Myers still sends a shiver down most peoples spine with his trademark white mask showing no signs of emotion. Along with the mask any type of boiler suit would be suitable and then just a large knife as your weapon. The great thing about this idea is that the victim can wear their own clothes.

The victim will usually be sexily dressed with scared look. Not too much effort required to find an outfit for this!

2. Evil Dead

Probably one that you won't see often but will make you stand out. The evil dead trilogy is a cult classic and always features highly in any fans top list of films. From the third film Army of Darkness this cosplay is elaborate and difficult to pull off but so worth it. Firstly there is the chainsaw hand which you can pick up from American fancy dress shops. The lady should wear a medieval style dress to fit in with the characters which can be as elaborate or tame as required by your wallet.

3. Batman and Catwoman

The classic comic book favourite is Batman with some great cheap offers out there  on costumes, your next decision is whether to go retro or modern. The retro look is great for fun, but for serious cosplayers the new look batman is a must. The dark night has brought this franchise back to life and is seen as the coolest of the comic book to film crossovers. The catwoman outfit is a simply black catsuit with eye mask and some little ears.

4. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun

For fans of sci-fi they will know this is the greatest love story in TV sci-fi since Buffy and Angel. This is simple as all you need is some black basic t shirts and vest tops. Then its all about the jacket. And of course the holster for your pistol. The look is easily identifiable because of the red detailing on the jacket which could be done with pieces of material on a normal leather vest.
 For Aeryn a long black leather jacket is perfect and something that can be found with a quick internet search.