Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Evil Clowns - The Scariest Horror Villian

Friday, 24 May 2013

5 Terrifying Childrens Toys

With the release of the latest chucky movie this year, kids and their toys will be back in the glare of Horror, scaring the masses. Chucky the doll was a character of fun, slasher with a sense of humour, after all he was a childs toy. So let's have a look at some other kids toys that could easily become the next Chucky.

Chuck Mask £19.99
1 - Furbies - These creepy little things remind me of Gremlins, don't feed them after midnight or they will multiply and take over the town. I don't know which is more frightening, the toy itself or that fact these are the fastest selling toy in UK history.

2 - Pregnant Doll - We all want our kids to grow up educated and learn about a myriad of different things, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't include having a pregnant doll, complete with unborn fetus. Perhaps the pro life campaign can use these dolls as teaching aids, complete with a dustbin for all the unwanted babies. Or perhaps you could get an alien toy and then recreate a scene from the film alien with it bursting from the stomach.

3 - Shave Doll - This is just tooo wrong, its made in China, unsurpisingly I can't see a mass market for this hairy little creature.

4 - Face Bank - A face like something out of DR Who guarding your piggy bank, erm no thanks. Perhaps they are cool, but they also might end up speaking to your child in the night, making him steal from your wallet.

5 - Baby Jake - A rival for Chucky this doll is seriously creepy, the concept of the show being a baby that goes on wild adventures, but the doll is about as realistic as a stick man. This doll just needs a meat clever and you have a horror movie franchise right there!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Evolution of Zombies

Jesus a Zombie?
The idea of the dead walking the earth is as old as man. The most widely read story of all time is about a man risen from the dead, Jesus, the son of god was the original Zombie, but the main difference being the soul of the individual remained in the physical form.

Voodoo Magic Zombies

Vodou has referenced the idea of the walking dead, revived by witchcraft and controlled by a sorcerer. Those zombies are not the flesh eating monsters depicted in modern films. The main purpose of this was to create a slave who would follow your every command. There were early claims, dis proven by medical science about zombies in Haiti again these were said to have been created by voodoo magic. 

Zombie Monsters

In the early 19th century the concept became known in written fiction, but it was George A Romero who took the idea of the Haitian Zombie into the Horror Genre, without coining the phrase Zombie, which was referenced by Fans. These zombies were flesh eating monsters, devoid of the personality and soul of the living human, they were slow moving, instinctive creatures which simply had to destroy all living humans.

The most famous quote in reference to Zombies is "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." from the film Dawn of the Dead which used the concept that the living dead were returning due to an infection. There are some references in the Bible to the dead returning to the earth 
"And this shall be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths."
Remarkably this is very close to the depiction of the first zombie monsters. 

Zombie Infected

The zombie movies of modern culture moved away from the religious and magic concepts, with mild religious references usually depicted by mad preachers. The most used idea of zombies is infection, with so many infections across the globe it is a fear held by many that infection can spread quickly and easily in an ever increasing population. Going back to medieval times and the black plague human history shows the desperate measures we would go to rid ourselves of a deadly virus. 

Common themes began to appear, of no physical symptoms until bitten by an infected person, infection only present upon death and short gestation period meaning it spreads quicker than the Human race can enact a defence strategy.

Super Zombies

Traditional popular zombies lack any coherent brain function, relying on instinct, slow moving and clumsy they seek to devour any living flesh or Brains. But there was a new invention to come our way, super zombies, fast moving with strength and speed greater than the average living person. This is based on scientific evidence that suggest zombie cloned cells would actually have better strength than their living counterparts, fueling the idea of an infection, most likely leaked from a multi national pharmaceutical company into the population. Popularised by the franchise of Game-Film cross over Resident Evil and the success of Brit-Horror 28 Days Later.  


Zombie Evolution T-Shirt

Where next for the zombie genre to go? The idea has gained massive popular following, huge investment in TV series and films. We can be sure the zombie won't end anytime soon but will continue to evolve to play on the fears of future generations. Beginning in Religion at a time when the majority of western world was religious played on the fears of the day, leaning towards black magic a fear of the time from many White westerners, moving into infection cause zombies a fear brought about by a hugely global media, global commuters and over use of antibiotics and other medicines. To play on fear like any horror genre must, it will mutate further and as society changes so shall the concept of the zombie.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Zombie President - Target for the NRA?

When the apocalypse arrives we can be sure of one thing, there will be no discrimination in those who turn. From paperboys to presidents, you may find yourself face to face with the powerful and mighty in undead form. From the company that brought you the ex girlfriend target, there is now one boasting a remarkable resemblence to President Obama.

It has cause a stir, with many news corps saying the popularity of the target may be to do with Obama's desire to tighten gun control in the US.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Michael Myers Anniversary Convention

It's hard to imagine that it was 35 years ago we first encountered an evil little boy named Michael Myers, since then he has given Halloween a whole new twist, terrifying babysitters across the globe. Still as strong as today, Michael is the ultimate slasher.

You can now attend the celebrations yourself, of course if you can't make it, why not hold your own Halloween themed party. Get all the movies, some costumes some themed food and away you go. Perhaps you weren't around for the original, well now is the time to acquiant yourself with this great franchise.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

With this ring I thee Dead!

Zombie infection will plague all walks of life, from workers to sports star there will be no escape. But the thought of wedding in a zombie attire is perhaps a step too far for many. But not us, we love the idea, it's cool, modern and very very fun.

Zombie hen do's are last years trend, this year the whole wedding party gets involved. The first UK zombie wedding took place this April, and you can bet your brains it won't be the last! All the press coverage and rights to the official photo's will no doubt help with the costs, good on the happy undead couple!